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        Maria Laura Bordalejo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1974. She grew up in a friendly and small environment composed by her loving family and the St.Nicholas´ English School, where she was encouraged to develop her artistic abilities.

        At the age of nine, she was already attending to piano and music appreciation lessons, and she started enjoying arranging songs. At ten, she started getting in contact with the guitar.

        Also, at the age of nine, she performed her first musical "The Jungle Book",with which she entered the world of theatre. Since then she had taken part in the Drama Club, performing a musical each year: "The Electric Sunshine Man", "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", "The Pirates of Penzance", "The Boyfriend", "The Dracula Spectacular Show", "The Hunting of the Snark", "Once on this Island".

        During the last two years of high school, she was the school´s choir captain and directed vocally, the cast of the musicals, preparing and teaching the vocal arrangements for the shows. Throughout this two years, she was invited to co-direct the musicals of the primary school, having to be in charge of groups of 120 children.

        While she was a teenager she took drama classes at Centro Cultural Raggio and singing lessons at Conservatorio Juan José Castro and privately with Gabriela Lavalle, Cecilia Fara & Cecilia Gauna.

        After graduating she began her theatre studies which include: Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramático (1993), Escuela de Alejanadra Boero (1994-1996), Escuela de Teatro de Buenos Aires, Raúl Serrano (1997,1998), Tooba Physical Theatre Centre (Vancouver, Canada. 1999, 2000), Corporeal Mime with Tom Lebhart- Etienne Decroux technique (Vancouver, Canada. 1999), Pochinko Clowning (Canada. 1999), Ecole Philippe Gaulier (London, England. 2000)

        She also took acrobatic lessons with Osvaldo Bermudez, Contact Improvisation with Agustín Belucci, Ashtanga Yoga, staging, dancing and trumpet.

        She staged over fifty musicals with children and teenagers:

The Pirates Penzance (2), Oliver Twist (2), Cinderella, The Jungle, Cats (2), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (3), Me and My Girl, The Wiz (2), Willow´s Wish, Robin Hood , Once on this Island (2), Of Mice and Mozart, Blastoff!, Summer Nights, The Little Prince, Little Shop of Horrors, The Last Flower on Earth, Momo, Tom Sawyer, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, High School Musical, Sister Act, Hairspray, Aladdin..

        María Laura is part of Artspot, Education and Entertainment, an educational theatre company which stages an annual production in english to make the learning of the language more entertaining. She has been part of the creative team (taking part in the writting of the play), as well as acting and directing the shows.     

        Artspot has been around since 1997 producing: " Freya, a viking story", "The Young Einstein" (2), "Cleopatra" (3), "D´artagnan"(2), "Camelot", "Tex", "Cyrano", "The Time Machine", "Around the World in 80 days" (2), "Excalibur!". The company tours annually in: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Costa RIca, Mexico, Turkey, Oman, United Arab Emirates.

        María Laura got interested in Antroposophy (Rudolf Steiner) applicated to education. After studying for four years, she became a Waldorf teacher (2005-2008)

        She has been teaching DRAMA at schools to children and teenagers since 1993, creating her own method of teaching the art of theatre.

         In the year 2015 she created LITTLE SPROUTS THEATRE. An educational theatre company aimed at young audiences, with a new perspective in theatre for children. With the productions of ONE SEED and THE STONE SOUP she has toured ARGENTINA, URUGUAY and FRANCE.

      'I  believe that THEATRE is the art of all times. It is a powerful tool in teaching, that allow us to connect with one self, by relating with others. It is all about relationships. How to act following our impulses without mental judgement, and how to re-act to others´actions, by being opened to adapt oneself at the precise moment (here and now).' 

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